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David K. Williams, FORBES

April 13, 2018

These days I’m spending a great deal of time thinking and strategizing about what it takes to make an evolving sector (in my case, the segment that ranges from restorative health and disease and injury prevention to “hyper wellness”) a pervasive industry force. Increasingly, I am convinced that partnerships are the key. 

Through strategic partnerships, the size of the Salesforce ecosystem is now four times larger than the organization itself.

For example, a company called Lympo.io has recently made a strong case for an ecosystem of wellness powered by the data in mHealth (mobile health) applications. Currently, we can opt to correlate and integrate nutrition and exercise tracking apps, social media platforms and products and services based entirely on the shared interests to achieve optimum fitness and health. My own business, Restore Cryotherapy, is a part of this growing movement as well, with a strategy to empower people’s ability to increase their health and wellbeing with easy and affordable access to advanced modalities such as cryotherapy, wellness IV-therapy drip, compression therapy and more. We are part of a franchise team designed to hasten the growth of our offerings worldwide.

In all, there is a growing case for collaborative partnerships among aligned businesses to advance industries much faster than any individual company could.

There are strong precedents for the partnership path to industry growth. Salesforce, for example, has successfully evolved the concept of partnership into an entire ecosystem of Salesforce-associated apps, consultants, developers, resources, and more. With more than 1,000 partners, they have become a pervasive influence over technology, economies, and business management. This what is possible when partnerships are advanced to their fullest fruition:

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