Now is the perfect time to celebrate warmer weather and the natural wonders of the season. With a little time and some creativity, you can be sure your Easter activities will be a welcome addition to any springtime celebration! “Spring is the perfect time to celebrate family, and we look forward to inviting our favorite people to join us for some special Easter activities,” Krista Wayment, Life Enrichment Director at Parke View Rehabilitation and Care Center said. “I believe it is never too late to build memories with those you love. The time a grandchild spends with a grandparent will be moments a family will treasure.”

If you are looking for fun activities that invite family and residents together for some valued time, here are some ideas that may help make your Easter celebrations special.

1.Easter Egg Bowling

As a spin-off of the long-time favorite hallway past-time, Easter Egg bowling hosts a multi-colored ball and festive rabbit-topped pins that are sure to be a hit with residents and their families.

  1. Squeegee Easter Egg Craft

This art project pairs a window squeegee with a multitude of color combinations. Start by placing your favorite colored paint in condiment squeeze bottles, making sure it is a thick consistency. Dot the paper Easter egg with your choice of colors, then squeegee them into a unique design. The only limit is your imagination.

  1. Name the Jelly Bean Flavor

How well do you know your favorite jelly bean flavors? The makers of Jelly Belly candies claim they have fifty original flavors with over fifty additional various-themed or seasonal flavors. Do you think you can tell the difference between hot cocoa and chocolate? Put your taste buds to the test.

  1. Decorate an Easter Bonnet

Few things celebrate springtime beauty than a festive bonnet adorned with flowers, butterflies, and ribbon. Start with a straw hat sporting a wide brim for the ladies and a cowboy or baseball hat for the crafty gents, then bring on the wearable fun.

  1. Decorate Easter Grass Pals

This activity will take a little prep. The good news is, wheatgrass is easy to plant and grows quickly. Just prepare a batch of shallow clear plastic cups with soil and seeds. When the grass is five to six inches high, you are ready to decorate with fun googly eyes and ribbons. For a personal touch, take a close-up photo of your favorite person and add it to the side of the cup so the wheatgrass looks like beautiful, green, flowing locks.

  1. Easter Egg Spin Art

Do you remember that salad spinner sitting in storage? It’s time to put it to good use. Add a hard boiled egg and a few drops of color then give it a spin. Each egg turns out unique and wonderful.

  1. Yarn Easter Baskets.

It’s amazing how the most simple technique can create the most elaborate designs. By dipping strands of yarn into a glue and water solution, you can create amazing artwork by wrapping treated yarn around a coffee can or bowl. Allow your project to dry overnight, then set it out in preparation for fun Easter activities.

  1. Filling Easter Baskets.

Handmade Easter baskets are nice, but it’s more fun when they are filled. The facility staff can play Easter Bunny, or you can make it a cooperative event by inviting residents and families to share a little treat, a friendly card, or a fun surprise with every basket.

  1. Bring in the Baby Animals

Depending on the facility’s policies, many areas provide mobile baby animal units that can visit your facility for the day. Who can resist cuddling a baby chick, puppy, or rabbit?

  1. Paint Springtime Pots

By adding a photo or fun embellishments, creating a pot that is reflective of you is a fun way to celebrate spring. Add soil and some seeds of your favorite flower, then watch it grow.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt

What is Easter without an egg hunt? This year, try adding some custom features that will enhance the egg hunt experience for people of all ages. Try color coding eggs or adding shapes, then assign them to each participant. Some eggs can be found by offering clues or riddles that give away the location.  

  1. Tissue Paper Projects

Every day can be spring when you add tissue paper flowers and butterflies to the room. Tissue paper projects are inexpensive, colorful, and easy to make. Best of all, they won’t fly away when you leave the window open.

  1. Easter Bean Bag Toss

For the more competitive crowd, tossing carrot-shaped bean bags can be a fun way to collect prizes along with bragging rights. Set up a board with points squares or bonus blocks, then give it a try. Players can participate as a team or celebrate individual efforts.

  1. Sunrise Special

Sometimes the best celebrations are those that remind us of the little miracles that surround us every day. Family, friends, health, and a new day. Gather in the courtyard and provide a musical selection of songs that inspire, delight, and bring joy.

  1. Easter Feast

After enjoying the beautiful sunrise, why not delight guests and residents with a friendly buffet filled with springtime cuisine like egg recipes, ham, carrot recipes, and other light and festive fare? What a delicious way to welcome spring.