GuideCX Case Study

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About GuideCX

GuideCX® is a client implementation and onboarding platform that helps businesses invite, guide, and engage internal and customer teams while fostering transparency and delivering value faster.

Insufficient Google Ads CTR

Before partnering with Stage Marketing on their ad campaign, GuideCX knew how beneficial Google Ads could be for their business. Effective ads would help them more quickly generate sales while saving time and energy, but their current ads didn’t give them the results they wanted. Using the same ad content did not allow them to reach new customers as quickly as they would have liked.

Turning to Stage Marketing for help, GuideCX trusted they would be more than capable of transforming their Google Ads campaign. What they didn’t expect was how great the results would be.

“GuideCX saw a significant increase in CTR within our first month of engagement with Stage Marketing due to the fantastic work of their creative team. We couldn’t be happier and [are] excited to see what the future holds.”

— Karen Toa
Marketing Director at GuideCX

How Stage Marketing Helped

Improving Google Ads Campaign Performance with Stage Marketing

After reviewing the state of their past display ads on Google Ads, Stage Marketing got to work for GuideCX by writing new ad copy using a responsive display model, creating fresh illustrations inspired by previous graphics, and fine-tuning their creative assets.

Hosting regular meetings with stakeholders at GuideCX, they fostered a relationship with the team as they worked to create the most efficient ad content they could. Stage Marketing delivered on the small-business flexibility they had promised with quick response times, tailored services, and regular communication. The result was a strong partnership that knocked the Google Ads goals GuideCX had out of the park.


Fine-Tuning Ads, Doubling CTR

customer service

While GuideCX had complete trust in the Stage Marketing team, they were blown away by the results they saw after only two weeks of working with them on ads. At the beginning of the partnership, GuideCX had an average click-through rate of 2.70 percent; within the month, it more than doubled to a total of 5.71 percent.