Generations Healthcare Case Study

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“Stage Marketing has been a great resource for our company, and their skills and expertise have really made a difference in reaching our marketing goals. They handle a lot of tasks for us and are always prompt and professional. I highly recommend Stage Marketing.

– Thomas Jurbala
Generations Healthcare

About Generations

Generations Healthcare was founded upon the belief that caring for the sick, the elderly, and the infirm is a special and sacred stewardship. It is our mission to have this belief reflected in everything we do: in the presentation of our homes, in the professionalism of our staff, and in the daily delivery of care to our residents and their families. It is our purpose that whoever enters a Generations home will be met with kindness, competence, and compassion.

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The Challenge

Generations Healthcare has been a Stage Marketing client since 2017. In 2019, Generations acquired and/or opened six new facilities. These facilities needed to be branded and welcomed into the larger Generations Healthcare family. In addition, Generations needed to continue marketing and producing materials for its other 24 facilities.

Generations Healthcare was facing several challenges,
including the following:

  • Counteracting negative reviews and negative press
    common to nursing homes
  • Managing the company’s reputation on job websites
    like Indeed and Glassdoor
  • Unifying the branding among the different locations
  • Getting buy-in and involvement from executive directors in regards to marketing efforts
  • Encouraging residents and their families to report their good experiences on social media

“I love Stage Marketing’s services! They are always prompt and helpful. Working with them has been a very positive experience.”

— Judie Williams
Generations Healthcare

How Stage Marketing Helped

High-Performing Website

In 2019, we created new microsites for the six newest Generations facilities. We also created design mockups, managed website revisions and updates, and helped with web development.

Marketing Assets

In 2019, we delivered hundreds of marketing assets:

  • Brochures: 60+
  • Google and Yelp review cards: 27 (one per facility)
  • Patient handbooks: 3+
  • Banners: 7+
  • Folders: 2
  • Invitations: 2
  • Sympathy cards: 5+
  • Tom Olds interview question sets: 2
  • Optimized proprietary images: 50+
  • Facility-of-the-month newsletters: 12
  • Quarterly company newsletters: 4
  • Tote designs: 2
  • Logos: 2
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Marketing Infohub

We created a marketing infohub for Generations Healthcare. The infohub is a digital asset management (DAM) platform designed to centrally manage and organize branding and lead generation assets. We divided this DAM into three basic categories: company (corporate branding and messaging), facilities (collateral by location), and blogs.

Weekly Blog Posts

From January to October 2019, we distributed 46 blogs and articles. We wrote and delivered these blog posts weekly to promote the Generations brand and improve SEO. These articles are posted on the Lifegen web page, social media, and other local outlets.

Thought Leadership

We worked with respectable newspapers and healthcare outlets to publish articles featuring Generations Healthcare facilities. In our more than 97 published articles, we positioned facility EDs and directors as thought leaders and also highlighted local events in the paper, such as grand openings and facility events. These actions helped promote local events, third-party verification of a facility’s expertise, and SEO backlinks.

Press Releases

In 2019, we wrote seven press releases. Three of the seven were released on PR Web and Global Newswire. The other four releases were posted on social media and websites.

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Online Reputation Management

Our team monitored reviews and customer engagement daily. We used customized in-house software that connects to Facebook and Google pages, and we checked it every day for new reviews. We also manually checked review platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Glassdoor, Comparably, or Google for new reviews.

We also helped to increase the quality and quantity of reviews by creating review-instruction cards for each facility and working to get reviews removed if they violated platform terms of service.


  • In 2017, Generations was receiving an average of 0.58 reviews per day. In 2019, that number increased to 1.21 reviews per day.
  • In 2017, the average star rating of reviews received was 2.99 out of 5. In 2019, that rating increased to 3.46.
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Live Chat

From January to October 2019, we had 329 chats, including 35 bed inquiries, 71 inquiries related to bed inquiries (insurance confirmation, etc.), and 69 job inquiries.

Post-Discharge Calls

We made post-discharge calls three to 10 days after discharge. These calls served two main purposes:

  • To provide friendly customer service and let discharged patients know that Generations Healthcare really cares about their well-being
  • To determine if anyone needs further medical assistance

In 2019, we made 2,537 post-discharge calls.

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