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Automatically enrich and cleanse your contact data by providing real-time validated mobile phone number enrichment paired with best-time-to-call insights.

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“Modigie is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as they power digital transformation for customers by resolving database decay challenges that happen during the course of business.”

—Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange

Modigie Managed Services Package

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Employment Validation

The Modigie managed services package provides just-in-time employer validation data and hygiene to ensure sales and marketing teams are connecting with the right prospect at the right company.

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Mobile Number Enrichment

In today’s world, real-time, accurate mobile phone number validation and enrichment have never been more timely or relevant. Increase prospect engagement by 50 to 300 percent.

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Phone Insights

Gather logistical data about your contacts and determine the best time to call.

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Country Validation

Get alerts for any contacts that are not in the United States, for marketing and sales compliance purposes.

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LinkedIn URL Append

Add LinkedIn URLs where needed, when available.

Optimize your outreach.

Think of Modigie as both a hygiene and enrichment engine wedged between all of your data providers, enabling your CRM to become the real “source of truth.”

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Optimize your business engagement with Modigie.