Understanding SNF Challenges During COVID and Beyond

As a healthcare provider, you know that technology can make or break the SNF experience—for you and your patients. This has become even clearer during the pandemic. According to the State of Mobility in Healthcare 2020/21 Report, 81 percent of healthcare workers reported issues with systems and technology while they were caring for patients, and 73 percent reported those same systems were not capable of handling the pandemic.


Inspiren, in partnership with Stage Marketing The Association of Skilled Nursing Providers, and Caring.com, designed and distributed an anonymous survey to 133 respondents in an effort to better understand the common challenges healthcare professionals are facing, as well as their level of confidence in their organization’s ability to address challenges with their current technology solutions.

Results indicated (1) significant barriers that are preventing organizations from implementing innovative solutions and (2) the importance of using technology to address long-term challenges in today’s healthcare ecosystem.

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Inspiren believes that when technology, people, and process come together, any problem is solvable. Let’s learn what solution gaps we can eliminate, making SNFs better during COVID and beyond.