In order to grow, every company is looking for exposure. They want to get their name out there as well as the reliability of their products, services, and goods. All they need to do is put it on their website, right? Wrong. One of the greatest assets to any organization looking to use Search Engine Optimization is consistently providing interesting, shareable, credible, and reliable content and utilizing backlinks. According to Brafton, “Ninety-two percent of marketers say that content creation is either ‘very effective’ or ‘somewhat effective’ for SEO.” As the trend dips away from keywords and comes closer to content, a shift in SEO and marketing strategy has emerged.


Websites want content that is going to be shared and go viral. Having interesting and eye-catching information about a topic can allow your content to be read and shared. Josh Steimle discusses in his Forbes article, “One of the things that can make an article go viral is interesting data. Data makes a story credible. Interesting data makes a story credible and shareable.” Giving your writers interesting, relevant, and credible data increases your chances of having those articles come up in keyword searches on search engines like Google or Bing. This allows anyone searching that topic to find the keywords within the article and brings more traffic to your company’s site, but this is not the end of it. Your article might be on page 35 of Google’s findings, but your content can push itself and your company further up Google’s lists of relevant websites.


The more interesting content you have, the more it will get shared. Keeping up with growing trends in an industry as well as finding new topics to report can boost your company’s relevance. Creating interesting content that introduces new credible information to readers will give other websites the opportunity to read that information and link back to your content, providing your site and your content with more credibility.


What is a backlink? Backlinks are an important way to get your company traffic. They are used when another company references or links back to your published article. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land points out in his analysis, “The quantity and especially the quality of backlinks remains important.” Google identifies backlinks and based on who used them determines how reliable your content is. As more well-known websites or publications backlink to some of your content, Google begins to recognize your website reliability is increasing.

Google Adwords is a great way to get your company’s name on the front pages of Google, but it can be costly as you are paying to have your company name put on those front pages. Instead, placing priority on consistently creating content that will be read and shared is becoming the leading way to get your organization’s name recognized. In addition, having reliable information makes other publications and websites take notice of that reliability.

There is a reason why many companies and organizations hire writers with a goal to develop content for the company’s website. One of Osmond Marketing’s primary tasks is to develop content for websites, such as Familyshare.com, RecordFlow.com, and many more. SearchMetrics said that “reliable, holistic content is more important than ever.”

While marketing strategies and advertising campaigns are constantly changing, the creation of content is becoming the newest and more effective way to market your brand.