Congratulations to Generations Healthcare!

Published by Thrive Global

Written by Jennifer Durrant

August 18, 2017

International headlines are becoming more and more heartbreaking with continued news of Syrian refugees fleeing war atrocities, new updates from the African countries of Sudan, Somalia and Kenya where 20 million people are starving or on the brink of starvation, and the reeling aftermath of flooding in Columbia. Images of starving, injured and even abandoned children and their families are enough to bring even the toughest person to tears. How can we possibly help?

While you or I might not have the means to fill a cargo plane with food and supplies to help feed, clothe or comfort millions of the world’s starving and struggling people, there are amazing charitable organizations that can. The trick is to find those organizations that are safe, secure and will ensure that your donations will be delivered. Following are three organizations that are doing just that, making the donation process easy, trustworthy and even fun.


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