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Amy Cook, Thrive Global

May 9, 2017


As the American Nurses Association prepares to celebrate National Nurses Week on May 6–12, we can also take a moment to thank the nurses we’ve met for their important role in healthcare. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reports there are around 4,148,730 professionally active nurses in the U.S. Whether you oversee a team of nurses or your life has been made better by knowing one, showing appreciation for the hard work our nurses perform every day is infectiously fun and simple.

1.Say thank you with food or flowers.

Depending on where your favorite nurse works, sharing some edible gratitude is a fun way to say thank you. Providing a large fruit basket loaded with portable, healthy treats makes it easy for nurses to not only grab a tasty treat, but they can also feast on the appreciation. If food isn’t permitted in that section of the hospital, a nice flower bouquet or potted plant can add a dash of color to a sterile nurse’s station. If you aren’t sure about the policy, some companies like EcoFlower.com design beautiful arrangements out of natural materials that offer a cheerful scent and design but won’t interfere with hospital safety guidelines.

2. Provide a massage therapist for an afternoon.

After getting permission from the hospital or doctor’s office, why not hire a massage therapist equipped with a massage chair to provide free massages to the nurses who helped make your hospital stay comfortable? “We bring in a massage therapist for students and staff every few weeks where they can receive a 15-minute neck and upper back massage,” Julie Aiken, CEO of Ameritech College of Healthcare, said. Massage is a great way to relieve stress and relax sore muscles.

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