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Amy Osmond Cook, AHCA/Caring

April 10, 2017

At some point, everybody’s life has been impacted by a nurse. From birth (or giving birth) to the time you broke your arm in the same game you broke the team record for blocks, or in the twilight hours of your life, a nurse has been there offering care, a listening ear, or a loving embrace. This year, the National Nurses Association has designated 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” As we celebrate National Nurses Week on May 6 – 12, let’s take a moment to thank nurses for the lessons they share through their example.

Here are five lessons a nurse teaches us about life.


1. Have patience.

You didn’t realize it, but while you were being helped into your bed, six other patients were buzzing for help. “Finding patience, managing the losses, feeling the grief, trying to work through your resentments will wear on you,” Denise Brown, a contributor and caregiver, says.  Instead, Brown says to focus on your reality. “You can’t do it all. You aren’t meant to do it all. Determine what you can do during a day while still having some down time. Then, do just that. Stay flexible with your priorities.”


2. Relax.

In a culture that believes everything must be handled ASAP, the role of a nurse reminds us to step back and find a way to relax. For example, as a popular remedy for treating patients suffering from anxiety or muscle tension, the basic massage can a secret weapon for igniting much-needed energy to finish your day. “We bring in a massage therapist for students and staff every few weeks where they can receive a 15-minute neck and upper back massage,” Julie Aiken, CEO of Ameritech College of Healthcare, said.

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