Congratulations to Ameritech College of Healthcare

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Written by Jennifer Durant

November 22, 2017

The need for skilled nurses is growing rapidly in the United States as the healthcare industry approaches the largest nursing shortage in 50 years. Nearly one-third of the country’s three million nurses is expected to retire in the next 10–15 years. The shortage is a dire situation because of the vital role nurses play in patient care as dedicated patient advocates. Along with the physical care needs of the patient, patient advocacy is one of the most important duties of a nurse.

Nurses are on the frontline of patient care, and often the last line of defense in a hard-to-navigate healthcare system. Nurses may be the first and last face a patient will see when they receive care, and who they will look to when they need help. As Steven Litteral, nursing program director for Ameritech College of Healthcare, said, “Nurses in a hospital are with those patients 24 hours a day. They know their patient’s medical history and what the needs are for that patient.”

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