Your customer is changing, and that means your business needs to change how you connect with them. Rather than focusing on the customer’s point-of-sale, companies are now looking at the customer’s total life cycle with the brand. 


As a member of the Forbes Advisory Council and cofounder of Osmond Marketing, Amy Osmond Cook shares six ways artificial intelligence technology is enhancing the buying experience. Here are some of the article’s highlights:


Create a Better Customer Experience

Experts predict that within the next three years, almost half of retailers will use AI technology to improve their customer’s buying experience.


Automate Customer Interactions

Historically, automation didn’t always guarantee a pleasant experience for consumers. But with AI, a business can quickly remedy problems or avoid them altogether. 


Engage in Social Listening

Most companies promote their brand on social channels. But with engagement playing such a strategic role in social media, AI technology makes it possible for businesses to sort positive, negative, and even neutral comments.


Use Chatbots

Although it’s still new technology, many companies can rely on the machine learning and natural language processing capabilities of chatbots to automatically navigate frequently asked questions or common customer requests. 


Advertise to Individuals

In the earlier days of digital marketing, one of the limitations of online marketing was the lack of personalized service that businesses need to build relationships with customers. Now, AI technology makes customized customer service possible by tracking shopping preferences, products, and locations, so a seller can tailor ads that will lead to a sale.


Develop a More Tech-Savvy Workforce

Rather than taking jobs away from human workers, evidence shows that automation is partnering with human workers to provide a cohesive, streamlined buyer experience with a human touch. 


Today’s customer wants more from your business. With innovative technology like artificial intelligence and automation, you can deliver a better customer experience with targeted service, advertising, and a tech-savvy workforce.


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