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Aug 31, 2020

Selected as one of two companies to conduct a pilot study to analyze and test treatments to combat the algal blooms by the Utah Lake Commission, ATS has remediated toxic blue-green algae levels at the Lindon Marina in Vineyard, a press release stated.

Toxic algal blooms containing cyanobacteria have plagued Utah Lake and other bodies of water across the state for more than five years. During the rise of the blue-green algae in 2019, the Utah Legislature appropriated $500,000 for the treatment program as part of an ongoing water quality study.

Richard Allred, president and CEO of ATS, said in a prepared statement:

We have witnessed the frustrations and economic struggles these toxic algal blooms have caused, especially when beaches and marinas have been forced to close over these past few summers. We know that ATS’s solutions will provide a safe water treatment solution for Utah Lake, and we are eager to expand our testing program to more affected areas on the lake.
Since July, ATS has been conducting its treatment study at the Lindon Marina, a popular water recreation area that draws swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders and more. Throughout that time, Utah experienced record-breaking, 100-degree temperatures and a lack of wind and monsoonal rains, all conditions algae flourish in, the release stated.

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