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May 14, 2020

Employees from two Monterey Park nursing homes, Monterey Park Convalescent Center and Heritage Manor, were treated on Wednesday to In-N-Out burgers from their employer as a thank you for working on the frontlines amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Institutions such as nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are taking the brunt of the pandemic in Los Angeles County, with half of all deaths traced back to these type of facilities. In Pasadena, the situation is more dire, with nine of 10 deaths tied to an institution.

“The world is paying even closer attention to health care workers right now than ever before. The spotlight is on and we want them to truly shine. This is a moment for all team members to be applauded for their tireless and selfless work,” Bryce Porter, CMO of Sun Mar Healthcare, the advisory company for Heritage Manor and Monterey Park, said in a statement.

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