Congratulations Community Action Services for being published in Universe/BYU.

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Jacob Osborn, Universe/BYU

November 13, 2017

The BYU Student Alumni Association is holding its annual “Valley United Against Hunger” food drive throughout November. The monthlong event will include activities and opportunities for students to donate to those in need.

The association has partnered with UVU, BYU Dining Services, the BYU Store, and Community Action Services and Food Bank — a local group that helps make sure the food gets to families in need.

“Community Action helps 14,000 people every year,” said BYU student Dallin Hatch, executive director over the food drive. “They have a lot of partnerships with big retailers in the area, and they’re able to make donations go a long way.”

Hatch said Community Action doesn’t simply hand out free food; the organization makes sure the food is given to those who need it most. He wanted to remind students that the food goes to people who honestly need it.

The groups of people who receive the majority of this aid are those with blindness, deafness, lost limbs or mental disabilities. Single mothers and elderly citizens also receive help, according to Hatch.

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