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Amy Osmond Cook, Daily Nursem

May 4, 2017

As much as we appreciate the mug that says “World’s Greatest Nurse” on it, finding practical ways to maintain high morale and work performance while serving others can be challenging. In this business, it’s easy to place the needs of others before ourselves. But experts recognize that work performance improves when caregivers take time every day to care for themselves. “The sad reality is nurses ‘accept’ health problems that come from the physical and emotional demands of the profession, and while caring for others often do not care for themselves” says Susan Letvak, PhD, RN, FAAN.

Along with suffering from higher rates of musculoskeletal disorders, higher risks of acquiring blood-borne pathogen infections, tuberculosis, and allergies, Letvak found that hospital-employed bedside nurses had a 17% depression rate compared to the national rate of only 9%.

With National Nurses Week scheduled May 6 – 12, now is the perfect time for nurses, and those who rely on them, to celebrate the essential role of nursing. Here are seven ways to uncover your best self while you provide the best care for others.

1. Learn to love lavender.

Whether enjoyed as a candle or applied as an essential oil, lavender is popular for its soothing, relaxing properties. For added benefits, try combining a few drops of lavender oil within a small spray bottle of water and spritz your bedsheets, pillows, closet, car seats—anywhere you may enjoy a quick emotional lift.

2. Rediscover bathtime.

Combining essential oils, a relaxing candle, comforting music, and a hot bath is the best diagnosis for pampering and ultimate relaxation. Unlike a quick shower, a lingering bath is the perfect prescription for weary muscles.

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