Content Case Study

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4,400% Increase 

in website traffic in 6 months

What were the challenges?

CMO: “We were in need of quality content that would help us generate leads for our online chat business. We tried a lot of freelancers and many different personnel from many different companies, but we were not satisfied with the quality of the content.”


How did Stage Marketing help contribute to the solution?

CMO: “We were able to not only achieve the goals we’d set with Stage Marketing but to exceed them as well. Over the course of seven months, our impressions increased over 4400 percent and contributed to many, many leads. They incorporated a little bit of humor, great research, and all-around quality content in each deliverable and managed the entire process, from keyword research to content creation and managing our content platform.” 


Testimonial from Michael Kansky, CMO

“If you are looking for the highest quality content, look no further! [Stage] understands the value of the high quality, proper-grammar, SEO- and reader-friendly, and effective content that people not only want to read but are also happy to share.”