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Amy Osmond Cook, Daily Herald

April 6, 2016

Needle pricks, blood-testing meters, oral medications and even regular insulin injections are an unfortunate part of everyday life for the 350 million people throughout the world diagnosed with diabetes. Of that number, 90 percent suffer from Type 2, the most prevalent form of the disease.

With more and more people, including the 29 million Americans with some version of diabetes, being diagnosed every year, the World Health Organization’s annual World Health Day is centered around the disease for the 2016 celebration on Thursday. “Beating Diabetes” is the theme of this year’s event as WHO strives to halt the rise of this disease across the globe.

“The increase in the incidence of diabetes is troubling to all of us in the healthcare community,” said Chris Adams, dietary manager of Draper Rehabilitation and Care. “At Draper Rehabilitation and Care, we pay close attention to our menu selections and encourage all of our residents to stay active and see their doctor regularly.”

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