Congratulations Community Action Services for being published in Serve Daily.

Published by:

Colleen Davis

Apr 9, 2020

Social distancing, office and restaurant closures, layoffs and furloughs, homeschooling, barren grocery store shelves and worries about home eviction have our entire nation understandably worried.

Add to that Utah’s recent earthquake, and fears continue to escalate. Throughout all this uncertainty, however, Community Action Services and Food Bank – an agency that serves the needy populations of Utah, Wasatch and Summit counties – remains open and available during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist all those families in crisis.

Having recently altered the agency’s procedures to ensure the health and safety of our clients, employees and volunteers, CASFB continues to be a valuable resource to provide our most in-need populations with food and emergency housing assistance.

Volunteer opportunities are readily available as well.

Prior to COVID-19, our clients were invited to walk through our pantry and select the canned and fresh food items of which their families are in most need.

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