Did you know there are approximately 1.49 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone? Chances are you at least know about social media’s powerful influence, or else you wouldn’t be searching the web for a social media management platform. If you manage multiple social media accounts, you know what a pain it can be to post, manage, and interact with all of them at the same time. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dianne Mineer of Osmond Marketing to see how she manages well over 200 businesses (yes — 200 Facebook pages, 200 Google+ pages, 23 Twitter accounts, 7 Instagram feeds, and 2 Pinterest profiles.) Her secret? eClincher.

eClincher combines the ease of posting from Hootsuite, the ease of interaction from Business Facebook, and the analytics of Google to create an all-in-one social media management tool that has four unique categories to publish, interact with, and track your social media activity.

Read on to see how eClincher’s Publishing, Inbox, Feeds, and Analytics tools can eliminate your woes. One does not simply ignore social media; At least 93 percent of businesses don’t, and neither should you.


The sky is literally the limit with eClincher’s publishing capabilities. Depending on your subscription, you can manage as many profiles as your heart desires. Ten isn’t the limit, fifty isn’t the limit, even one hundred isn’t the limit with eClincher. They will work individually with each client to make sure that whatever and whichever social media venues are needed will be added. “I had been juggling 3 different social media publishing platforms all at the same time to publish one post to all of our pages because I couldn’t find the right platform that could accommodate my needs. You can imagine how messy and confusing this got!” Said Dianne.

Within this category is another category called ‘Brands.’ By using various brands, your businesses can stay clean, concise, and separated. Mary Marc, social media manager for Tegile Systems, said, “We can move mountains of messages with a small team. We can post to Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogger — all from eClincher. We can post to multiple profiles on each of those platforms — with our team of two people.”


One way to respond to comments on Instagram is to log in to that account, find the notification, tag the person, and hand-type how you would like to respond. Instagram is only accessible via mobile device. However, eClincher has made it possible to respond to those comments directly from its platform using any device. Yay for a 14” screen!

Within this tab, eClincher allows you to interact with multiple social platforms directly. Dianne said, “All we have to do is log into eClincher, go over to the ‘Inbox’ tab, and voila! Like magic, you can respond and resolve all comments directed toward multiple social profiles within the brand!”


Dianne told us that she dreamed of only logging into one social media account to see all of her platforms in one space. We said say no more. The ‘Feeds’ feature of eClincher allows you to customize a page that can show anything from your Pinterest board pins and ‘liked’ media to your Twitter home feed and more. Maintain consistence and quality by being able to view quickly all of your activity.

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Being able to track how successful your posts are (again in one spot) is crucial. This allows you to group your most important data to one analytics dashboard. This information comes directly from Google Analytics and is displayed in an attractive, easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate format.

Meghan Riley, author, blogger, and social media marketer for Cat in Lap, LLC, said, “I can easily track which posts are most popular and adjust my strategies to provide more useful information for our followers. When posts become stale, I can then easily remove them and add new ones.”

Seventy percent of brands have a presence on Google +, 70 percent of marketers have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers, and 68 percent of Instagram users engage with brands on a regular basis. The statistics of using social media to create business conversions are astonishing. Correctly using them all to your business’ or client’s leverage can be time-consuming and hard to navigate. But with eClincher, the tasks of expanding the online presence of your business are organized and facilitated in one location. eClincher is your one-stop-shop that provides the most crucial tools for online success.