Humility. Self-respect. Kindness. 

Those are the three character traits Emily Woll, COO at Osmond Marketing, attributes to business success. During a recent interview with Paul Moss, CEO of HeyDriver!, Emily shared her perspective on the challenges many startup businesses face in the current climate and how Osmond Marketing uses its virtual business model to thrive when many companies struggle. 

 “It’s important for any business to define business goals and objectives and have a business plan,” says Emily. “Your business goals will determine which path you choose to take.”

 As part of his five-part series, Five Things You Need to Create a Highly Successful Startup,” Paul asked Emily to share what she believes are the five main factors that distinguish successful startups among the masses. Here are the highlights of Emily’s top five strategies for running a successful startup business.

1. Surround Yourself with Great People

“Each team member meets our core values of kindness, grit, flexibility, and quality.”

2.Tackle Business Problems with Real Solutions

“We help make others’ businesses great! We ran the marketing for a high tech company from series A through acquisition and are in the process of doing the same for several others now that we feel we have the formula for success.”

3. Pursue Operational Excellence

“You have to be well-run. We are a virtual company, so it is important for us to be well-organized. We use a project management tool to assign and manage tasks. We have daily meetings with team members by department or by client. We develop standard operating procedures and job aides that we can refer to on a regular basis.”

4. Build a Great Work Culture

“This attracts the right people for the right job role. We have such a low turnover rate among our team and clients because of our culture.”

5. Nurture Great Ideas

“We believe that we have solved some common challenges in an agency model by being transparent, flexible and affordable. Our ability to adapt to client requests month to month based on strategic goals and objectives continues to lead to successful campaigns.”

By focusing on innovative business practices (and a healthy diet), Emily keeps the Osmond Marketing team on track and aligned with the principles that reflect their success. 


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