Another successful event! Stage Marketing had the opportunity to help Community Action Services and Food Bank run their Food Pantry Cook-Off this month. The event was held on May 25 in Provo, UT, to celebrate the agency’s 55th year of serving residents in need. Over 150 guests showed up to celebrate and enjoy delicious food, and the event was fun for all involved! 

Four sets of contestants competed for “Best Meal,” using food commonly found in the facility’s food pantry. Specifically, contestants were provided with their choice of chicken or beef, an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, and two large bins of items that had been donated to the food pantry. 

The amateur chefs had just under an hour to prepare a meal for three judges. To win, the participants would need to impress Mary Crafts, founder of Culinary Crafts; Chef Joseph McRae from UVU’s culinary arts program; and Bill Hulterstrom from United Way of Utah County.

Three judges seated at table

Each of the four sets of contestants won a different award in various categories.

Provo’s deputy CAO Dixon Holmes and his colleague Katrice MacKay took home the win for the overall best-flavored entree with their creative dish of SPAM fajitas.

Orem’s mayor David Young won the award for best use of pantry items with his beef and veggie saute complemented by fried baby red potatoes and a spinach and strawberry salad on the side.

Curtis Blair and David Rowley from the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce won the award for most visually appealing with their chicken fajita dish with a beef taco on the side.

CASFB’s own CFO David Robinson’s chicken curry over rice won for being the easiest entree to replicate at home.

Throughout the afternoon, more than 150 guests arrived to watch the competition and enjoy tacos from Jurassic Street Tacos, shaved ice from Kona Ice, and cookies from Crumbl. 

Not only was this event a fun cooking competition for all involved, but the chefs also exhibited great ways to easily, effectively, and deliciously use often-forgotten pantry ingredients, educating guests on how to more efficiently use the items in their pantry.

Stage Marketing is proud to have been a part of such a meaningful event. Our role in running the CAFSB event included the following:

  • Writing up all marketing materials, including newspaper articles, blog posts, social media announcements, and media advisories
  • Identifying and securing local dignitary contestants and celebrity judges
  • Booking food trucks
  • Collecting donations from local vendors
  • Pitching local media outlets
  • Providing logo-embroidered aprons 
  • Designing a birthday-themed logo 
  • Supporting day-of event coverage
  • Following up the event with additional media outreach

Stage Marketing’s capabilities do not end there! Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can aid you in an event of your own!