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Amy Osmond Cook, Caring.com

May 10, 2017

While the workplace settings of nurses have evolved, their common goal has remained the same: to be the client’s advocate and provide optimal care. As every nurse knows, that responsibility comes with its share of sacrifices. And as every administrator knows, when the sacrifices start to outweigh the benefits, it can be a prescription for problems in staffing and the work environment.

There are 4,148,730 professionally active nurses in the United States, and their role in healthcare is being honored by the American Nurses Association, which has declared 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” Whether you join the initiative for National Nursing Week (May 6 – 12), on Florence Nightingale’s birthday (May 12th), or on any day this year: it’s the perfect time to show gratitude for the efforts of your nursing staff.

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