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March 7, 2018

All-American Max Wessell, ’16, and Cody Ferraro, ’15, met when they were freshmen at Lehigh.

Wessell was on the wrestling team, and Ferraro played lacrosse.

“During orientation, I saw Cody walking around,” Wessell said. “He was this big tough guy, wearing a tank top. He looked like he was about 40 years old.”

Ferraro also thought Wessell was a “tough guy” at first, so neither athlete wanted to befriend the other.

The pair didn’t become friends until after they realized they were both taking the same difficult course and would need to work together to pass.

As it turned out, Wessell and Ferraro also bonded over similar athletic histories.

Ferraro is from a wrestling family — his dad coached wrestling since he was young — and wrestled throughout his life.

Wessell played lacrosse in middle school and had always liked the sport.

“We had mutual respect for each other once we started talking,” Wessell said. “Despite what we thought were our differences at first, we found out we were actually pretty similar people.”

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