Utah Valley is full of entrepreneurs, ranking at the top of Top 10 lists of best places to start a business. There even are a variety of business incubators ready to help people get startups off the ground.

But what if your business dream has less to do with office space and more to do with a commercial kitchen? Commercial kitchens can be hard to find and expensive to use, putting a startup out of reach for many people. That’s where Community Action Services and Food Bank can help. In The Potluck, the affordable commercial kitchen, we help people achieve their bakery, catering, and restaurant dreams. Here’s how it works:


What is it? 

The Potluck is a 533-square-foot commercial kitchen that meets all health and safety regulations. It has space for cooking as well as food prep, but no seating areas. Also, when you rent the space, you’ll have access to:

  • Two ovens
  • Six-burner stoves
  • Two convection ovens


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