We would like to welcome the newest addition to the Osmond Marketing team, Grant Smith!

Grant Smith grew up with a love for illustrating and hoped to one day be a famous cartoonist. Once reality kicked in, he changed his degree from illustration to information systems with an emphasis in graphic design.

He soon found an obsession with web design after taking only one HTML class in his CS bachelor’s program (at that point, he mistakenly thought CSS was useless). After graduation, he picked up some books and has been a self-taught professional web designer since 2012.

Grant’s love for and talent in web design has contributed to huge increases in web conversions and profits for the companies he has worked for, including Grand Canyon University, RC Willey, and Response. He has four great kids and an amazing wife with whom he loves to spend time. He’s had two pet fish, the most recent of which was sent to a watery sewage grave by his over-curious five-year-old son.

Grant enjoys snowboarding, clashing, playing with his family, and being involved in his kids’ sports; he’s purchased mountain bikes in hopes that he’ll get to mountain bike eventually. He hopes to eventually publish his own children’s books, create some games, and start a webcomic. Even further in the distance, Grant hopes to one day finish his basement.