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Amy Osmond Cook, Daily Herald

March 8, 2017

Not long ago, the holistic field of medicine wasn’t welcome at the traditional health care dance.

Although practiced for thousands of years, holistic medicine quietly relegated itself to a corner and catered to hardcore alternative health-minded followers.

But as more patients faced limiting and lackluster solutions to their health problems, many turned to natural healing and alternative methods to relieve their pain or rid their body of disease. Today’s nursing programs are recognizing the benefits holistic and natural healing practices bring to traditional medicine. Partnering the two fields within a certification program has been an effective way to integrate both methods when caring for a patient.

Before you diagnose this union as terminal, convinced that traditional and holistic medicines can never mend, it’s worth noting that Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, is also believed to be the founder of holistic nursing.

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