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Apr 9, 2020

Before 2020, it’s unlikely most people had ever heard the term “social distancing.” These words could have been mistaken as a suggestion to steer clear of social networking for a while, but COVID-19 has made the phrase well-known as an illness-prevention strategy.

No matter how adept you are at measuring a six-foot space between you and other people, social distancing and stay-at-home orders can be difficult. Research has shown that a lack of social connection can raise the risk of depression, increase inflammation in the body, and harm overall health.

Introverts and extroverts alike can begin to feel isolated after spending too much time away from other people, especially when it isn’t by choice. If you find yourself unable to interact with people as much as you normally would, here are some things you can try to avoid becoming socially isolated.

Video chat
Technology can be a blessing and a curse. If there is any time to embrace technology, it may be when you have limited physical contact with other people. A video call can give you the face-to-face interaction you might be sorely missing. Some research has found video calls can keep people connected and help decrease loneliness.

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