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Candice Hall, Quora.com

April 15, 2016

I admit, this is a topic about which I am passionate.  At the helm of the integrative/functional health practice I founded in Irvine, Calif., I’ve worked with hundreds of people suffering from diabetes, thyroid disease, immune disorders and a myriad of chronic and degenerative conditions. It is amazing to see so many patients in our practice reduce the symptoms of, or even reverse, their condition.

I am particularly gratified when considering how many patients have found it possible to reduce, or even eliminate, their need for prescription drugs. How is this possible?

Much has to do with the vantage point of “upstream” versus “downstream” approaches to illness and health.

When a blood test indicates that you have diabetes, what happens? In a “downstream” approach to illness and treatment, the symptom that produced the diagnoses — high blood sugar — is treated with drugs.  For example, insulin brings the blood sugar measurements into a normal range, and you’re “managing” diabetes. Except that you’re not.

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