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Sara Haslem Davis, MoneyInc

Jun 6, 2018

When she was younger, Eleanor assumed she’d be living comfortably on a combination of her husband’s pension and social security when she was 75. Instead, she relies on the assistance programs, and the local food bank and Meals on Wheels program for meals. Eleanor has to budget every penny, and if it weren’t for help, she wouldn’t be able to cover the costs of medication, utilities, groceries, and housing. Her husband—who’s gone now—lost his job before he was fully vested in his pension, and her social security checks don’t cover her living expenses.

Eleanor is just one of the millions of Americans over age 65 who are living in poverty. According to the National Council on Aging, in the U.S. more than 25 million people over age 60 are deemed “economically insecure.” That means they struggle with rising health care costs, don’t have adequate access to food, lack transportation, among other measures. But there’s hope—and people who want to help—seniors living in poverty. Between retraining and other assistance programs, there are ways to make life a little more.

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