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Andrew, Dental Medicine blog

March 23, 2018

How are our teeth connected to our bodies? Speaking literally, the root of each tooth, surrounded by cementum, is embedded into our jawbone.

But from a more figurative standpoint, our teeth are connected to our bodies because our oral health affects our overall health, and vice versa. If we let our guard down in our mouths, we might find ourselves facing problems with infections, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Flossing may be a hard habit to maintain, but it’s vital. Flossing “prevent[s] infections from spreading from the tooth to other parts of the body.”

How does this happen? Dr. Nate Anderson explains: “When gums are infected, the seal of fibers surrounding each tooth is weakened. This means that elements from the outside environment can enter the bloodstream via the mouth.” Yikes!


The relationship between diabetes and gum disease is proven and strong. In fact, gum disease affects nearly 22 percent of people diagnosed with diabetes.

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