Please help us in welcoming J’Nel, our newest social media manager!

Before joining Osmond Marketing as social media manager, J’Nel Wright helped launch Familyshare.com as an editor and content writer. With almost ten years of professional writing and editing experience, J’Nel is excited to lend her unique way with words—and a self-described “unhealthy fascination” with analytics—to creating engaging social media platforms.

J’Nel didn’t always plan on working in content marketing. Her original plan was to be a backup singer for Pink Floyd’s world tour. The prospect of visiting faraway places, learning about new things, and experiencing amazing discoveries as an anonymous member of a famous band seemed to provide the best of many worlds.

Sadly, Pink Floyd broke up. But that didn’t deter her from visiting parts of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, French Polynesia, Africa, Mexico, and much of the United States. This blend of observing life stories, collecting random facts of inconsequential things, watching how people solve problems, and formulating ways to deliver messages that connect people spurred a lasting career in writing for J’Nel.

As social media manager, J’Nel hopes to develop robust, innovative platforms that support and promote content to help, enlighten, entertain, and inspire people.

When J’Nel isn’t battling sand traps and demanding extra provisionals, she is writing about lifestyle, health, and wellness topics for national and regional publications. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Utah, and she has a background in sociology and social work.