Stage Marketing’s Web3 director, Krystee Miller, was recently invited to speak at the Women of Web3 training event hosted by Utah Women in Sales. Sponsored by Kiln and Ocavu, the event showcased women who are making an impact in the Web3 space and invited attendees to learn more about how Web3 can change the sales landscape in their businesses.

As an active Web3 influencer, Krystee is a strong member of the local tech community. A designer, innovator, and leader, Krystee shares a deep passion for equal opportunities and recognizes the immediate opportunity that Web3 provides to make resources available to everyone. She challenges the old way of doing things and is helping to usher in the new wave of ideas and innovations across Silicon Slopes.

As a part of the Women of Web3 event, Krystee was asked to share her story of entering the Web3 space, how she created a new department at Stage Marketing, and the inspiration for her startup, Building Block. Building Block is a Web3 game for kids that introduces them to complicated DeFi processes like setting up a wallet, minting an NFT, and staking their crypto to earn more. 

Speaking at the event with Krystee were Utah County Commissioner Amelia Gardner and Estate Chain’s Darcy Van Orden. Amelia spoke about how Utah County is utilizing the blockchain to issue marriage certificates, making them accessible 24/7. Darcy spoke about the real estate industry taking advantage of smart contracts by allowing small investments into real estate. 

The event was a huge success. Those who attended left with the main takeaway that we are in an early stage of Web3, and there are opportunities that haven’t been discovered yet. No matter your industry or experience, taking 20 hours to educate yourself about Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, or whatever interests you can be extremely beneficial. Find what inspires you and learn how it can revolutionize your business. The possibilities are endless.