When playing two truths and a lie, you might hear Brennon Cox give these answers:

  • “I worked as a chef in a five-star restaurant.”
  • “I still own a huge collection of Beanie Babies.”
  • “I once experienced devastating flooding in Utah.”

Which one is the lie?

It’s the Beanie Babies one, but we wouldn’t hold it against him if it were true.

He did experience flooding in Utah—because of a severe plumbing issue, not the weather—and he did work as a chef in a five-star restaurant: NOCA in Arizona, which has since closed. He used to want to be a chef when he grew up, but that ambition has shifted to another creative avenue.

“I love marketing and advertising and want to stay in that field,” he says. “Someday, I would love to start a company with my best friends.”

Today, Brennon is a graphic designer who specializes in web design and branding. A project manager at heart, he loves organization and creative problem-solving. His talents have already made a difference at Osmond Marketing.

“Brennon has jumped right in with both feet!” says Emily Woll, COO at Osmond Marketing. “Not only is he a skilled graphic designer and conscientious project manager, but he has an easygoing personality that makes him a joy to work with. We are so glad he joined us.”

That’s what drew the company to Brennon, but what drew Brennon to the company?

“I chose Osmond Marketing because of the amazing people, the values, and the opportunity for growth,” he said. “So far, I’ve loved the ability to reach outside my core skill set and explore new opportunities.”

Outside of graphic design and project management, Brennon loves playing music—singing and playing the guitar and ukulele. He also loves to be active outside, whether it be through mountain biking, fly fishing, backpacking, or skateboarding.