When Osmond Marketing needed a solid writer with strong content management skills, Jonah was the perfect fit. He is a project manager with broad experience as a journalist, designer, producer, and audio engineer. 


Jonah earned a BA in multimedia journalism, specifically literary journalism, from Weber State University. He is an accomplished writer with numerous articles published among five newspapers, and he has written hundreds of on-air scripts and online articles for Fox 13 News. He has also published web pages, blog posts, infographics, and eBooks for multiple companies, including Evelar Solar, Utah Flood Cleanup, Call It Home, The Vein Institute of Utah, and Pathways Real Life.


We sat down with Jonah to learn more about his journey to Osmond Marketing, his goals, hobbies, and what he hopes to achieve in this next phase of his career. Here are some of the highlights. 


Osmond Marketing: Tell us about yourself. Hobbies? Interests? Short-term goals? 


Jonah Napoli: Hobbies are a bit of a difficult thing to categorize over the last 15 months. I would say I love reading, documentaries, podcasts—anything informational, really. I also love live theatre and concerts.


Interests would be collecting vinyl records, Funko POP figures, and artwork. I also have something of a coffee table book obsession. I also started refinishing/upcycling furniture over the last year.


The biggest short-term goal is homeownership. I’m currently back at home saving money to (hopefully) eventually get a place of my own.


OM: What brought you to Osmond Marketing?


JN: I spent the last few years in careers that were directly connected to my degree; I worked in layout and design for the Standard-Examiner and Daily Herald, then as an associate producer for FOX 13 News. I saw the posting for the position at Osmond Marketing a few months ago and thought it would play a bit more into my skill set outside of what I was doing there. 


OM: What do you enjoy most about working here?


JN: I would say for my first week, the company culture. Everyone has been very helpful as I’ve attempted to navigate the various systems and clients. I also became a big fan of working from home during the pandemic, so to be able to continue that is also a nice little cherry on top.


OM: What do you think you can add to Osmond Marketing?


JN: Hopefully, a number of things. I am a strong writer and consider myself to be very creative, so ideally, I’ll be able to utilize both of those things.


OM: If you are playing Two Truths and a Lie, what stumps people every time?

JN: I have 18 inches of metal in my legs.

I lived in Colorado until I was 8.

I met Shaquille O’Neal in an airport.


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