Lathum Nelson has a healthy appetite for public relations.

That isn’t entirely metaphorical: he started in this business eating. Fresh out of college, he took an unpaid internship at Zoo Records in Santa Monica because he was a fan of some of their artists. While there, he assisted the PR department for a few months in exchange for all of the microwaveable popcorn and Snapple he could handle.

After cleaning out the office kitchen, Lathum was recommended by his boss for a PR position at the Mitch Schneider Organization in Sherman Oaks. “I went on to work with some amazing personalities and enjoyed a steady stream of complimentary muffin baskets,” says Lathum. “I was also the communications manager at a women’s clothing company, so I can help identify the difference between bell, peasant, bishop, and kimono sleeves.”

Diet choices and fashion knowledge aside, Lathum brings some tasty PR and client management skills to Osmond Marketing, including a generous serving of positivity, team spirit, and loyalty, as well as extensive graphic design and web development experience that will never go out of style.

“Lathum’s ability to move seamlessly among clients and develop personalized relationships with each one is one of the things our clients appreciate the most,” says Emily Woll, COO at Osmond Marketing. “He is an incredible listener and a dynamic communicator.”

When he isn’t working, you may find Lathum tinkering with his old BMWs—he owns a 1976 model, a 2002 coupe, and a 1978 R100RS bike—painting classic automobiles on plywood (@lathumpaints); hiking with Pico, his Yorkie (50% fox, 50% jackrabbit); riding trails on his mountain bike; writing music, and singing/playing guitar in a band with his wife.

Along with a natural talent for connecting with people, Lathum has mastered another skill: repeatedly stumping opponents in Two Truths and a Lie. Can you spot the fib?

“I cut off my brother’s thumb.”

“I sang backup on Pink Floyd’s album The Wall.”

“I crashed into Kirsten Dunst at Sundance on my snowboard.“

Go ahead. We’ll wait.


The original blog posted 4/29/19.