Former pro–ultimate frisbee player Maggie Donohoo is always up for a challenge. 

For example, many people might choose to never leave the house again after breaking two dozen bones. But Maggie has long since hit that milestone, and she’s still got the travel bug. She’s been to South Africa, India, Guatemala, Vietnam, and more, and publicity with Osmond Marketing is her newest adventure.

Maggie knew Osmond Marketing was the right company for her because of the positive work culture she could sense from day one.

“I wanted to be surrounded by people I respect, where we work hard together,” she says. “It’s so easy to find people who are in a negative state of mind; things are tough right now. But when I first met with a few members of the team, they were so enthusiastic. I felt like I was talking to people I had known for years. I thought, ‘This feels right.’”

While her background is in journalism and communications, Maggie’s positivity, enthusiasm, and love for people make publicity the perfect role for her. 

“Maggie’s positive personality is infectious!” says Emily Woll, COO of Osmond Marketing. “With her strong marketing background and talent for clear communication, she has already proven to be an asset to the team.”

“The core of publicity is being a people person,” Maggie says. “I love networking, talking with people, getting to know them, and seeing how we can help them out.”

On top of her love for connecting with people, Maggie also enjoys writing, design, photography, and cooking, which is something she picked up during her world travels.

“I started traveling when I was a pro athlete when we went to the London World Cup,” she says. “That really opened my eyes to the world. I made a point to take a cooking class or make dinner with a family in every country I went to. When I would come home, I would want to make food for my family. I started making up recipes, or I’d look up recipes and tweak them.”

Now that she’s staying put in the US, Maggie brings the world to her with a husband-approved fettuccine alfredo recipe she makes from scratch. 

What’s in her future? 

“I just want to continue learning and growing and feeling like I’m being challenged,” Maggie says. “I want to hit milestones in terms of learning about the industry and learning about the clients and expanding upon my skill set. I want to take on new opportunities as I can and continue to see growth.”

She’s already proven herself up to the challenge of publicity, and we’re excited to see where she goes from here!