When Osmond Marketing needed help with content, Sarah Romney was a natural fit. We sat down with Sarah to learn more about her journey to Osmond Marketing. This is what we learned about this incredibly talented addition to the OM team. 


Tell us about yourself. Hobbies? Interests? College major? Short-term goals? 


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, and I graduated from BYU with a BS in human resource management and a minor in editing. 


I think I have too many hobbies. I love to play sports (especially soccer); I like running, hiking, and spending time outdoors; and I enjoy cooking, reading, water-color painting, and traveling. I speak Portuguese, and my favorite place I have been is Portugal; I lived there for two months on a study abroad. I would love to one day write a book, visit Iguazu Falls, and see the Northern Lights. 


Professionally, I want to continue to refine my writing and editing abilities so that I can help companies creatively engage readers and convey value for clients.


What brought you to Osmond Marketing?


I recently graduated from BYU and was looking for a position where I could use my skills in writing and editing with a focus on business communication. Osmond Marketing was the perfect fit for my experiences in writing and editing and my goals of helping companies communicate effectively and engage their different audiences. 


What do you enjoy most about working here?


I have never worked at a friendlier, happier place than Osmond Marketing! Everyone is so kind and willing to help out. I also enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on for different clients, and I love how no two days are ever the same. 


What do you think you can add to Osmond Marketing? 


I have an eye for detail and a passion for grammar that will help me ensure quality and professionally written content. Also, since I like to make sure that everything I write is important or interesting for the readers, I will help clients communicate value and engage their audiences.


If you are playing Two Truths and a Lie, what stumps people every time? 


Until I was 21, “I’ve never had a cavity” was usually my go-to. But when I was 21, I had five cavities at once and couldn’t use that anymore. “I’ve never had Coca-Cola” or “I have four brothers and no sisters” are other options.


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