The first time Tai Dang ever went snowboarding, it was down a black diamond slope. And as a kid, he liked toothpaste, so he ate it as a snack. (Hey, toothpaste is pretty good stuff!) When Tai sets his mind to something, he goes for it, and that’s especially true in his new role as a designer at Osmond Marketing.

Raised in a family of engineers, Tai grew up wanting to be an artist. He was drawn to creative outlets, from pottery to drawing to painting, and he intended to become a ceramicist. But in college, he decided he needed to do something more practical. 

“Fortunately, I was also into computers,” Tai says. “Over time, I figured that with my artistic background and skillset with computers, I could make a career out of building sites.”

In his role at Osmond Marketing, Tai focuses primarily on web design work, including front-end development and UI design. 

In previous positions, Tai has worked at large corporations, where the bureaucracy meant things ran slowly. He likes the faster pace of working at a smaller business.

“Working with the Osmond Marketing team has been exciting,” he says. “I like everything so far. It has been a good experience.”

“If there’s one word I would use to describe Tai, it would be reliable,” says Emily Woll, COO at Osmond Marketing. “We can always rely on him to do amazing work, ahead of schedule, and with focus and determination. We are lucky to have him on the team!”

In his spare time, Tai enjoys photography

When Tai isn’t building beautiful websites, he might instead be found photographing beautiful native birds. How did he get into that hobby?

“I kept noticing my cat chattering like crazy. I took a closer look and noticed that it was because of the hummingbirds: They would come by my hummingbird feeder, and it would drive my cat crazy.”

Last summer, Tai figured he might as well take pictures since these birds were readily hanging out in his backyard. And then he really got into it. He started by learning more about Anna’s Hummingbird, then researched more birds that migrate to backyard feeders. 

“I’d watch and learn the different types of birds that would visit,” he said. “I’ve been slowly growing my collection of pictures and upgrading my camera system.”

Some day, Tai might start a small bakery as a side business to share his love of baking. (No promises he won’t sell a toothpaste-flavored pastry.)


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