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Ansalee Morrison, Utah Valley 360

August 17, 2017

Eclipse Tips For Travelers And Homebodies

This Time eclipse simulation shows what they partial eclipse will look like in Provo, Utah. To see a simulation of what the eclipse will look like from anywhere in the United States, visit time.com and enter a zip code. (Image courtesy of Time)

Brigham Young University in Provo usually gets the most attention, but this weekend, the nation will turn their heads toward the home of BYU-Idaho as one of the best cities for viewing the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Aug. 21 marks the first solar eclipse to span the continuous United States since 1918. Americans will see the moon completely covering the sun from a 70-mile-wide path that spans from Oregon to South Carolina. Rexburg, Idaho lies in the center of the solar eclipse path and is approximately a four hour drive from Utah Valley, making it a prime place for astro-junkies to witness the total eclipse of the sun.

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