The results are in!

Osmond Marketing is delighted to be recognized as one of the 2020 Utah 100 by MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN). This is the fifth year in a row for Osmond Marketing, and we are thrilled to be honored as one of Utah’s fastest-growing companies.

“I think it speaks highly of our team, clients, and culture,” says Emily Woll, COO at Osmond Marketing, when asked about our business success. “I feel honored to be working with a team who loves what they do. Our employees represent our core values: quality, flexibility, kindness, and grit. I’m lucky to be working with them.”

Since 1994, the MWCN Utah 100 event has attracted more than 1,000 business leaders throughout Utah. To be recognized as one of the Utah 100, organizations are selected by the Utah 100 committee based on a weighted average revenue calculation of percentage and dollar growth over a five-year period through December 2019.

“This list is a great reminder of the strength of Utah’s economy, particularly as we continue to recover from the shutdowns necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ” says Ryan J. Dent, chairman of the MWCN Utah 100 committee.

Finding ways to adapt to the new business climate is a common thread among local businesses. “Many of our clients’ needs have changed, and they have to adapt quickly to the changes brought upon from the pandemic,” explains Emily. “We’ve become more flexible and strategic in our implementation and KPIs as a company and as consultants to our clients. We have to be flexible and adapt to changes in the scope of work. And we’ve learned to work quickly to meet fast turnarounds times to help clients respond to the changes brought on by the pandemic.”

This year’s Utah 100 event will recognize 130 successful companies with an unprecedented 1,200 estimated attendees tuning in for the virtual event.

Yes, it’s virtual.

For the first time in its decades-long tradition, the 26th annual MWCN Awards will be held virtually on October 13, 2020. This year, online guests will hear from Thurl Bailey, former NBA player, inspirational speaker, author, and singer, who looks forward to congratulating Utah business leaders for their continued success.

“I’m so excited to see who the final winners are,” says Emily. “As a business in Utah, we’ve all had to make changes because of the pandemic. It’s great to see the creative solutions local companies have come up with to keep life moving as normal. Thank goodness for technology!”

To see the full list of businesses included in this year’s MWCN Utah 100, click here.