Did you know Google’s total daily health-related searches amount to 70,000 each minute?

In the current healthcare digital space, the focus isn’t whether or not the “doctor will see you now.” Instead, it’s more important to determine who is viewing the doctor. 

Meet the New Consumer

Studies show that 81 percent of consumers research online services before they reach out to make a purchase. And if Salesforce call center statistics are an indicator, 79 percent of people prefer to speak with a human about personal questions. In the healthcare industry, this can mean prospective patients thoroughly research a provider online but prefer to speak with a human when scheduling an appointment. 

This unique blend of online branding paired with excellent customer service creates the need for both an engaging digital presence as well as a responsive and personable front office strategy. 

We can help. 

We can speak to your digital marketing needs while you take care of your patients. 

It’s important for patients to have access to essential information to help them make informed decisions about their health, especially during these uncertain times. To be competitive, your practice must explore ways to promote your services and address common consumer questions within the digital space.

Our expertise in web design, SEO, public relations and media services, content creation, digital marketing and advertising, and social media management, among other services, can help your brand connect with your target audience. 

Let Us Introduce You

At Osmond Marketing, we work with healthcare providers in skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, and home health industries to design efficient and effective marketing strategies and tools to help them connect with their valued customers. 

We are delighted to be ranked as a Top Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency for helping healthcare organizations develop patient-centered messaging, manage reputation efforts and promote healthcare provider qualifications and expertise, and implement strategies for acquiring more patients. 

Our goal isn’t to change how you do business. Instead, our job is to highlight the things you do best, which is to provide the best patient care possible. 


Give us a call. Let’s talk about the innovative ways we can help expand your healthcare practice.