The in-kind donation will aid in Giving Saves’ relief efforts around the world.

Utah-based marketing agency Osmond Marketing has just made an in-kind donation of $30,000 in order to help Giving Saves, a Springville-based non-profit, provide supplies to those in need.

Giving Saves is a non-profit organization aiming at providing at-risk children both at home and abroad with supplies to aid in proper health, nutrition and education. The organization is working to achieve its goals through partnering with various support volunteers on site as well as collecting donations from its supporters.

Giving Saves was founded by Kathleen Bowen in 2010 after working as an RN with a medical team in Haiti. During her work there, she met Xavier Renel, a local artist who spent his time teaching his trade to street children and providing housing for them. In addition to these selfless acts, he also ran his own school in the town of Montrouis. Exposure to the poverty in her time in Haiti and inspired by Xavier’s effort to educate the local children, Kathleen created Giving Saves as her way to support the local community. For the past five years Kathleen and Xavier have been working together to keep Xavier’s school afloat through donations and supplies from supporters.

Giving Saves has grown to include assistance to several other relief projects. The organization works with Mission Evangelique in Haiti and Casa de Sion in Guatemala, which both work to provide thousands of people with access to medical clinics, churches, and schools. Giving Saves has also found a way to contribute to combatting poverty in the states, providing funds to families in Wendover, Utah who can’t afford physicals for their children.

“It has been a blessed journey for Giving Saves, having found other opportunities to serve our fellow man,” said Kathleen. We have been able to help support volunteer groups going to not only Haiti, but also to Los Robles, Guatemala and our very own Wendover, Utah”.

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