Osmond Marketing is thrilled to be recognized as a top SEO agency by Top Digital Marketing Agencies. We are among the leading agencies that provide expert guidance, tools, and resources to provide the most effective content and campaigns based on extensive SEO and keyword research. 

With 79 percent of readers only skimming through content, creating content headings and subheadings that captures the readers’ attention is a key component to delivering a message. 

TopMarketingCompanies.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with digital marketing experts, recently shared seven tactics for writing headlines that engage and inform audiences while boosting search engine rankings.

Here are their top tips for writing eye-catching SEO headlines:

  1. Get straight to the point: Use headlines to tell readers exactly what they can expect to find if they continue to read.
  2. Create a “how-to” article: Research shows that some of the best-performing articles start with “how to.”
  3. Lead with numbers: Studies show numbers are highly attractive to most users and increase clicks.
  4. Incorporate action: Directly tell people what they should do to get the value of the topic, products or services.
  5. Use emotion: Integrate words that evoke emotions to receive more clicks and get more shares
  6. Announce exciting news: Make headlines intriguing by introducing something new that informs the reader.
  7. Employ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Use words like “limited offer,” “don’t miss out” or “limited-time savings” to trigger interest and action among readers.

A great campaign begins with thoughtful SEO and keyword research. We can help find the messaging you need to best reach your target audience. Let’s connect! 


Published in PRWEB.