When asked “What are some of your favorite things?” Phil Chadwick thinks for a moment, and then gives a shortlist: “The mountains, my family, my Weber Genesis grill.”

A long-term resident of Pleasant Grove, Utah, Phil grew up surrounded by mountains and art. His mom was an artist who took classes at Brigham Young University, where his dad was a sociology professor. 

“There came a point in my life where I had to decide whether to be a sociology professor or artist!” Phil says.

Artist it was. He couldn’t resist the inspiration of M. C. Escher and rock album artwork from his youth. Particularly inspirational was the album cover of Boston by Boston—with the striking image of the guitars as spaceships, trailing glorious blue flames.

While young Phil dreamed of designing iconic album covers, he couldn’t have imagined the amazing scope of clients for whom he would design, from truckers to the Utah Symphony and everything in between. In his early career, he was a designer at a graphics company, after which he ran his own graphic design business. Before joining Osmond Marketing, he was a design manager for a print magazine.

The transition from print to web design was a journey. As a graphic design student at BYU, his training included fine art classes, and the balance of his career has been in traditional, print design. He’s glad to have that background, but it’s undeniable that web design reigns supreme today. 

While he initially resisted web design, his goal is now “to evolve with technology,” not just because he has to, but because he wants to be the best designer he can be. Today, he’s using both his print and web design skills as a graphic designer at Osmond Marketing.

“Even though we work remotely, I enjoy the people I work with,” he says. “Osmond Marketing has a positive vibe. It’s amazing that you can become friends with coworkers that you only meet with every morning for a few minutes.” 

“We love working with Phil!” says Emily Woll, COO. “He’s a gifted designer, and he always backs up his talent with hard work and persistence.”

While Phil’s design career is impressive, the achievement he’s most proud of is being a dad. When he’s not busy creating beautiful designs, you can find him skiing, grilling and smoking meat, and backpacking.