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August 2, 2017

Most companies think of customer service as a necessary cost center that drags down bottom-line profitability. They budget only the minimum required to protect the company’s bottom line and they don’t invest in the type of innovation necessary to maintain the company’s competitive advantage over the long term.

In my experience, this is a big mistake. All you need to do is look at the most successful companies — Apple, Amazon, Zappos — to recognize that they see customer service as intrinsically tied to their long-term success. In fact, these companies are proud to proactively invest in continually raising the bar for customer service.

What the world’s most successful companies have realized is that customer service is essential to their marketing strategy. Every customer interaction and every customer impression is another opportunity to remind customers what makes your business worth maintaining a relationship with. It’s also another opportunity to directly get a pulse on customer opinions and perspectives and another opportunity to engage one-on-one with customers about additional products and services.


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