Osmond Marketing is excited to welcome our newest project manager, Shannon Jones.

Shannon is a communications expert who has managed local newspapers, TV stations, and news websites. On top of that, Shannon cares for a dynamic family and has had several interesting life experiences, including opening her own preschool and hosting a cooking show!

Shannon firmly believes that marketing plans need to excel in multiple mediums for customers to become attracted to the product. Shannon is a wizard at customizing powerful marketing strategies that engage audiences and increase the professionalism of the brand. Shannon explains that professional but exciting content is the true key to attracting and maintaining customers: “If your content is mediocre, but your competitor’s content is excellent, chances are consumers will visit your competitor and not give you a second thought. In fact, with so much content on the internet today, if yours isn’t great, odds are it’s not going to be seen.”

So what’s the key to great content? Shannon says that it’s all about knowing your customers and tailoring your content to their desires. “If a customer feels his or her life has been simplified by reading, watching, or listening to your content, he or she will keep coming back for more.”

Someday, Shannon hopes to use her skills to found or advance a worldwide humanitarian organization. She has a deep appreciation for the medical community and suspects that in another life she would have become a nurse or a doctor. As things stand, she wants to aid the medical community in its mission of compassion to underprivileged groups, here and abroad.

Shannon lives in Huntsville, Utah, with her husband, Daren—who is a civilian contractor for the Air Force—her two younger children, her husband’s two sons, and two beautiful but undeniably wild cats, Garfield and Shaggy. Her eldest daughter is attending Brigham Young University. When asked about her proudest accomplishments, Shannon is quick to cite her children, saying that she is exceptionally proud of the people they are becoming. She is also very proud of the weekly community newspaper that she helped to launch in Price, Utah, which “became the number-one source for news in the community and is still going strong.”

She was drawn to Osmond Marketing because of our strong culture of community, saying that we are a “friendly, uplifting place to work.” As a working mom, she loves the flexibility we offer.