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Karissa Neely, Daily Herald

January 13, 2017

Starting any type of company is difficult, and building a successful business is even harder. On top of that, many small startups consist of one or two members wearing multiple hats.

Justin Hatch, a Spanish Fork resident and former vice president of business development at a local Nasdaq-traded company, noticed this as he looked around the county’s startup culture.

“We have a lot of entrepreneurs that are really good at what they do,” Hatch said, explaining that the county boasts startups in everything from egg rolls to skateboard to tech. “Yet our society, we’re expecting them to be financial planners as well.”

Businesses’ survival is based on the almighty dollar, and increasing revenues while reducing expenses is how companies thrive. But even small startups based on a solid money-making idea can still fail without an accurate financial knowledge and smart planning.

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