Cabin Fever: a state characterized by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from a prolonged stay in a remote or confined place. 


In other words, your family has binge-watched every Netflix series produced since 2010, the emergency stash of Pop-Tarts and Nacho Cheese Doritos has been exhausted, and Discover called wanting to verify the recent excessive amount of online movie purchases. 


While the world waits to see if the latest self-quarantine and social distancing efforts can slow down the pace of COVID-19, many families are trying to find ways to adapt to this new life at home. 


In this Daily Herald article, Jennifer Durrant, director of public relations at Osmond Marketing, shares three sanity-saving ideas that can add variety to your family’s new self-quarantine routine. Here are some highlights.


1.Education for everyone

With public schools shutting their doors and moving their teaching curriculum online, the concept of homeschooling has taken on a whole new meaning for families with school-aged children. But this new twist on adult education can benefit every member of the family. Durrant shares a plethora of links that connect people with virtual classrooms covering all kinds of topics ranging from cooking and art classes to Ivy League online courses


2. Armchair adventures

The road trip to Disneyland is canceled. But that doesn’t mean encounters with new places have to end. Today’s virtual technologies are opening the gate to discovery and adventure—with virtual field trips to famous museums around the world, virtual tours down some of the world’s most famous city streets, and online performances at city zoos and aquariums. Even NASA is welcoming virtual guests into an exciting world of science and wonder. 


3. Streamed entertainment

Your kids may feel cooped up at home, but technology now offers unprecedented access to new experiences from around the world. New to the performing arts? A virtual performance streamed from some of the most renowned theaters may make a fan out of you. 


For a more contemporary flair, many recording artists are responding to canceled tour dates by hosting virtual concerts. For the more theatrical, some of your favorite Broadway plays are available online. And, of course, your children know that some of their favorite Disney movies are available for streaming online. 


Like a wise man once said, “This too will pass.” Until then, these three family-friendly ideas can add value to the time we spend at home. 


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