Amy Cook, founder of Osmond Marketing, is a natural at bringing unexpected elements together. Her job at Osmond is to solve often-serious problems, but she does so with a light-hearted confidence that sets a unique tone for the company. She embodies poise and playfulness, intelligence and daring, making her a dynamic leader.

Amy’s dynamism didn’t bloom into existence in adulthood—Amy has been full of pizzazz since day one. Growing up, she was called Snow White for her resemblance to the cartoon character. Unlike Snow White, though, she’s not one to run from a challenge (we’re looking at you, scary cartoon trees). She began playing the violin at the tender age of three and continues to gain talents. Besides being an entrepreneur, musician, writer, and mom, Amy is a self-described nerd and is learning to code.

The clearest example of Amy bringing unexpected elements together is within Osmond Marketing itself. Her team members have contrasting personalities and specialties. Some you can hear through closed doors across the office, effervescent about a new idea. Others are quiet treasure troves of hidden skills and laugh-til-you-cry jokes. Despite individual differences, Amy’s team is united by a passion for delivering the best service in the industry. That’s one reason Osmond is such a great place to work.

“I love everything about my job,” Amy says. “I feel a lot of satisfaction when our clients are very happy with our work and service.” This satisfaction comes in part because she believes in the importance of her work: content marketing, she says, is the lifeblood of marketing, and marketing is about helping people.

Amy describes it this way: “PR is all about connecting people with stories that they already want, not convincing people that they want it.” This principle is palpable in the service-driven, people-focused way she directs the company. The results—the happiness of her team and clients—are evidence that it works.

While CEO and people-focused don’t often go in the same sentence, she brings those two elements together. While service-driven content marketing may seem a foreign concept to some, she does it naturally. Amy’s dynamic leadership is the je ne sais quoi that makes Osmond Marketing the unique, dynamic company it is.